A spot of love...

I respect women
Because they are omen

The never ever come
Out of the box…

Dreamt within the
Outer line of life

Their eyes fly over
They sky. And never
Come to know what
They are…


Love you are really so beautiful..
know one can get you properly.
if they got. then the cant hold
it in full of heart..

If love can left you alone. there
is the mark. which never leave there
place. Evan though every one wants you.

Because. they need your sweet killer touch.
and feel happiness with your love..


Why? My lovely girl went behind
the darkness of half moon night?

Always she holds my arms towards her in
every mood. But today she left me
without her single look.

Is there she got irritated by my unconditional
Love? Then at least ask her to watch your face.
She may be getting relaxed.

Whether she wants to leave me alone forever?
Then ask her to kill me at least once.


Your every words has
feelings of innocence.

Mind can imagine the
wants of heart. But
layer of the innocence
covered the mind.

Reflection of mine
blinking in your heart.
while you need my presence.

- Revan...

Who is she to opened the mind
towards your love...

Who is she blossom the flower of
a small pot. And shows the garden
of affection.

Who is she became a dream. And who
is she fly before the construction of

Who is she shows the thoughts of

Before you....

- Revan...

A workout to hold the
feelings in some words.

Strugle to chapture the
happiness of your heart from
your lightened eyes.

love of the literature hold the
unconditional affection of
the heart.

- Revan...

She is the only create love in my heart.
But your are the base of the sea of my love.

Vibration of your love create the waves in my heart.
They touch the foot step of yours with love.

Wants of body become melodious feelings by
sprinkling of your love. Infatuation become
unconditional feelings. forgotten become mine love.

Single drops of your love become my confidence.
Become i am a wave to who waiting for your steps to
touch your feet.